What’s the secret to success in teaching mathematics??

Guided practice in mathematics is fundamental to successes in math!


How leaders can implement change in a school…

1.  Deepen your moral imperative – moral imperative in education is raising the bar and closing the gap of learning for all students; continuously work on this through words and actions.

2. Focus on a small number of ambitious goalsthe commitment to the moral imperative will dissipate if it does not have a clear and coherent focus.

3. Build and Extend a Guiding Coalition – get many leaders, both formal and informal

4. Toughen your resolve – the most difficult psychological problem for a leader is that you are working your guts off for the organization (school) and the good of others, but you are not being appreciated.  Keep going even when receiving little or no praise.

5. Practice Impressive Empathy – “impressive empathy” is having empathy for someone who is in your way; its about bringing a positive stance to a difficult situation.

6. Push, Pull, and Nudge – learn to balance the three and distribute them differently depending on the situation; PUSH – involves people doing things; PULL – attract people to new things; NUDGE – make new things accessible without getting people to do anything (ie put fruit in the cafeteria instead of chips and students will go for it)

7. Think Bigger – what ever you are working on, try enlarging it by one notch.